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Reduce your stress, anxiety & overthinking with expertly curated activities for your daily routine.

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What is Level SuperMind?

An app to help you have a clear mind & better performance with activities curated by the experts.
Reduces stress, anxiety & overthinking
Improves sleep quality
Helps you in elevating your spiritual journey

How to get a SuperMind?

Meditations & Breathwork

To Enhance Your Clarity,Focus, Memory and Creativity.

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Breathwork For Anxiety


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  • feedback image

    Prachi Sharma

    Really loved the app overall...its just perfect and has all the things needed i enjoy using it a lot and have been consitent with my workouts ever since i started using this.

  • feedback image

    Naomi Franchelle

    I'm gonna start using this app in the morning and evening for meditation. It has a cool UI, voicever is sothing.

  • feedback image

    Suryakanta Pradhan

    App UI is super comfortable, there's a bunch of stuff we can learn and change our life with this beautiful self-improving level app.

  • feedback image

    Dev Pratap Singh

    Best app for your memtal improvement. Using it since day 1 and loving it. UI UX is so good.

  • feedback image

    Abhilash Singh

    Just download the app and it is extremely helpful to do things which we procrastinate the most. It's unique way to take on the good habits. Thank you.

  • feedback image

    Gurjeet Kaur

    The time we're living in is very exhausting for us. We need to relax ourselves & calm our mind, body and soul...Level is the app to do it.

  • feedback image

    Vinayak Alandkar

    it's an awsome app with its user friendly interface... and smooth working and best user experience

  • feedback image

    Shristi Gaur

    I really love the app. I use it everyday to calm down and get rid of stress and take care of myself.

  • feedback image

    Kamal Chavda

    The best self improvement app i have seen. Including daily one word learning can make this app the best ❤️

  • feedback image

    Abhishek Mehta

    i know app is unlike other self development app which great UI butaim thing Its Free and Level App Upgrading Day by Day By update n improving & its free. keep it up

  • feedback image

    Uni das Creation

    Its amazing.Helped me a lot to in meditation Thank you for making such an amazing app.Besr gift for me in 2022

  • feedback image

    Pratham Kuntal

    The app is good and contain all the things which we want ...the working is so smooth ...but it requires dark mode as i prefer dark mode to relax eyes

  • feedback image

    Sourav Kar

    one solution of self development , thanks level team

  • feedback image

    Mahip Gorana

    Excellent app!!! Great idea of including journaling and meditation. This is a real growth tracker app.Love this app.

  • feedback image

    Manish Sharma

    It is great app all things you need to get started from meditation to work out to be focus all are packed at one place love the smooth ui & ux

  • feedback image


    Great App for self improvement! Highly recommend😍

  • feedback image

    Dikshita Desai

    I really appreciate the UI & UX of this app. It's easy to use, classy and neat. The activities are capsulated well to fit in my busy schedule. Highly recommended.

  • feedback image


    Damn Good! Finally an app that will help me become better me while competing with my friends!

  • feedback image

    Sk Aman Ali

    Very good app.... speciality is meditation and yoga outstanding ✨

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