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Harshil Karia, Co-founder, Level
The best gift you can give yourself is the gift of continuous learning
Harshil KariaCo-founder
Ranveer Allahbadia, Co-founder, Level
Meditation feels like a weapon lately
Ranveer AllahbadiaCo-founder
Aayush Anand, Co-founder, Level
If you think small - you basically quit!
Aayush AnandCo-founder
Pratik Sonawane, Product-Lead, Level
Are you an exception? Let me catch you. Now you understood who I am? CODERRR
Pratik SonawaneProduct-Lead
Kushagra Kumar, Tech Lead, Level
I will hack their browser history, we will get to the bottom of this controversy
Kushagra KumarTech Lead
Kuldeep Tiwari, Full-stack Developer, Level
Code like no one's watching, debug like you've never cried
Kuldeep TiwariFull-stack Developer
Bhavesh Singh, Full-stack Developer, Level
Programming and the gym both have one thing in common: If you don't 'commit' daily, you're bound to 'break' something.💪💻
Bhavesh SinghFull-stack Developer
Omkar Gunjal, Marketing Lead, Level
I crack 80 good jokes & 20 bad ones but you will still end up laughing at all of them 😎
Omkar GunjalMarketing Lead
Giftin Kallarkal, Content Writer, Level
I help people who think crunches are going to burn their belly fat.
Giftin KallarkalContent Writer
Pratik Khopkar, iOS Developer, Level
I am a iOS App Developer, I like to try new things in iOS, So Let’s Have Coffee & Code.
Pratik KhopkariOS Developer
Ratnesh Mishra, Video Editor, Level
I Love Working on Invisible Which Makes Everything Visible For You.
Ratnesh MishraVideo Editor
Harshada Juikar, Partnership &  Sales, Level
I am a creative person and in marketing team. Oops I just said same things twice :)
Harshada JuikarPartnership &  Sales
Raj Chauhan, Graphic Designer & Editor, Level
Editor with Coffee addiction 🥱. Aiming to create an impact one edit at a time 😌
Raj ChauhanGraphic Designer & Editor
Sourav Dey, Android Developer, Level
Sourav DeyAndroid Developer
Zaid Khan, Android Developer, Level
Fueling his code with curiosity, this programmer explores the endless possibilities of the digital realm.
Zaid KhanAndroid Developer
Nishant Satpute, Application Tester, Level
Nishant SatputeApplication Tester
Ashwin, UI-UX Designer, Level
AshwinUI-UX Designer
Anurag Yewale, Graphic Designer, Level
Anurag YewaleGraphic Designer
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