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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the language in the app?

Currently you can only change the language of your meditations by going to the mind section in the top filters below coaches and favourites.

Please note: We only have one yoga flow in Hindi (Dawn of a New Day) and rest all are in English, don't worry we are soon adding more.

Unfortunately, the entire app's language cannot be changed as of now.

How to cancel your Subscription?

For Android Users,

  1. Go to "Profile"
  2. Tap on "Settings" (Gear icon on top right)
  3. Tap on "My Subscription"
  4. Click "Cancel Subscription" button

For iOS Users,

  1. Go to your phone Settings
  2. Tap on your name
  3. Tap on subscriptions
  4. Level SuperMind -> Cancel subscription

Facing any Login Issue?

Please check if you are logging in from the same email ID/phone number that you have used to create your account earlier. It is most likely you are logging in through another medium.

I have an ongoing free trial. When will I be charged for the Subscription?

Payment will be charged to your account on purchase confirmation only after completion of free trial, if applicable.

I cancelled my subscription. Will I get a refund for the remaining days?

Cancellation of auto renewal subscription will be applied to the next purchase only if it is done 24 hours prior to the end of current subscription period. There will be no refund if you cancel the subscription before the billing period ends.

If your query isn’t mentioned above, please feel free to email us on support@level.game
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