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5 things to know in your 20s.

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    While being in your 20s is one of the most exciting phases of life, it can also be highly confusing and overwhelming.

    Here are 5 things to remember if you’re in your 20s right now!

    1. Your career is a PART of your life: While having a rewarding career is undoubtedly excellent, make sure you lead a prosperous life on all fronts (e.g., invest in meaningful relationships!)
    2. Love your parents, but live your own life: This is easier said than done but don’t make a career choice for your parents. That pent-up regret will affect your entire relationship with them. Ultimately, they want you to be happy and learn to live with whatever you choose to do.
    3. Friends may come & go: Some of the closest friends you make in your teenage years may not last. It’s important to let them go (and remember them as great relationships!) There are so many people you’re yet to meet and so many relationships you’re yet to form.
    4. There is light after a heartbreak: It may not feel like it right now, but things will be okay. You’ll not only be able to function but also thrive again!
    5. Keep at it: Persistence is the sure-shot way to level up in terms of your career and skills. Just trust the process.

    Your 20s are a period of change. Your ambitions for yourself and what you want out of life may start looking different. Don’t be hard on yourself for being confused. Allow this change to take place and embrace who you’re growing into.

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