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7 Surprising Facts About Dream


Dreams are the key to our unconscious mind, as they reveal our repressed wishes. Researchers have found that in 7 hours of sleep, we usually encounter 5-6 dreams, and our brain activity during this time is of similar frequency to when we are awake.

Here are 7 facts that might intrigue you about dreams:

  1. Did you know our go-to website, 'Google' was the result of a dream? Larry page got his vision for Google in a dream in the middle of the night. What a world-changing dream it was!
  2. If you are not able to achieve dream sleep (REM), it can affect your long-term memory. Research on mice proves that the absence of REM sleep can lead to trouble in remembering things.
  3. An average human being sleeps for 26 years and dreams for about 6 years in their entire life.
  4. Men and women dream differently. How? Research has found that compared to men, women have slightly longer dreams with more characters. Surprisingly, men dream about men twice more than they dream about women!
  5. Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were dreaming even though you were asleep? If this has happened to you then you are not alone! Such dreaming is called Lucid dreaming, and approximately 55% of adults have experienced it at least once in their lifetime.
  6. We lose our ability to read and sometimes our ability to interpret language in our dreams. This is because while we sleep the logic-bearing part of our brain is at rest.
  7. We forget 95% of our dreams within 10 mins of waking up. This is because our brain does not support information processing during sleep.

Well, what's left to say? Sleep well and sweet dreams :)

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