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Achieve your goals using the Law of GOYA


Sometimes, after developing the right mindset and skillset — you might still feel unsure of what you should be doing. Understandably, ambitious goals can feel overwhelming.

This happens for two reasons:

  1. As John Assaraf says, the brain is often confused between having the information on how to do something and actually having done it.
  2. Moreover, our brain considers keeping us safe as its primary responsibility. Therefore, as far as possible — it keeps us in our comfort zone and away from perceived ‘danger’ (change).

So, here are 5 steps to simplify this process and achieve your goals based on the Law of GOYA (Get Off Your Ass Principle):

  1. Write down the ‘big goal’ you wish to achieve — Eg: To lose 10kgs.
  2. Break it down into smaller goals. If the change is smaller, your brain is less likely to perceive it as a threat . e.g., If you want to shed 10 kgs of your body weight, it’s more effective to keep your first goal as losing 2kgs!
  3. Choose a reward. The process becomes more fulfilling if you reward yourself after reaching each mini-goal. Also, decide on a final reward for when you’re done. This creates an incentive for you to follow through!
  4. Take action. After having created your plan, it’s time to ACT on it!
  5. Celebrate. Once you achieve your goal, follow through with that reward you’ve decided on.
  6. Step 6? Set your next goal!

The learnings and the feeling of having achieved your plan will be priceless, and you’d be really proud of yourself.

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