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All about Lucid Dreams

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    Imagine you are in a dream. You are being chased by a lion. There are 3 options in front of you. Should you climb up a tree? Dive into the river? Or just run?

    Let's say you climb up the tree, jump onto the lion and hypnotize him to follow your orders...

    While this may sound overwhelming, you can actually dream about this and control your dreams too!

    Such dreams (where you're aware that you're dreaming) are called Lucid dreams.

    Lucid dreams can help us in multiple ways:

    1. By erasing our unhealthy habits in our dreams, thereby healing our mind and body.
    2. It can also help to improve our strength, fitness, and creativity.

    The best part? We can learn to do lucid dreaming intentionally.

    Wake back to bed (WBTB) is a common technique of lucid dreaming. It involves the following steps:

    • Set an alarm for 4 and a half hours after your bedtime;
    • Sleep as usual;
    • When the alarm rings, stay up for 20-30 mins, enjoy any activity that involves full alertness like reading;
    • Fall back to sleep, and you are likely to lucid dream.

    Remember! Higher the alertness, more the chances of you sleeping off 😉

    Try this technique before you sleep next, and hopefully, you will have a lucid dream. Enjoy dreaming 😇!!

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