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Everyone wants to 'have it all'. However, to do so - you need to plan for 'it all'! According to Dr. Brian Tracy, everything you’ve ever wanted can be placed into 1 of 7 categories:

1) Peace of Mind - If you’re living in a way that is aligned with your values and desires, you feel at peace.

2) Health - Being physically healthy is a prerequisite for doing anything in life.

3) Relationships - It's important to have people to love and having people who love us. Make sure to invest in relationships that make you happy.

4) Financial independence -  Freedom from financial worries is crucial to living a happy life. You should have enough money to not have to constantly worry about it.

5) Worthy Goals - Humans are driven by a need for meaning and purpose in life. Therefore, you should create goals that are important to you and then pursue them.

6) Self-awareness. Being self-aware is a huge aspect of being happy. It’s essential that you know who you are and why you feel the way you do.

7) Self Fulfillment - This is the realization that you’re making progress in life and fulfilling your potential as a human being.

Take out a piece of paper, list out these 7 categories, and write your heart's desires for each of them. Describe your ideal life in detail-  clearly mentioning what you can do to optimize your life in each bucket. Eg: invest for 'money', workout for 'health', etc.

Tip: Don’t be worried about how you’re going to get there. The vision comes first! The steps shall follow.

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