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Here's why you should share what you do.


Sharing your work with the world—be it through a blog, a YouTube channel, or even your Instagram stories might seem 'intimidating.' It may also seem like you're showing off. Your mind may convince you to stick to your comfort zone and play it safe.

However, there are multiple benefits to putting yourself out there:

  1. You feel accountable. If you declare a goal to the world and then share your process, you're more likely to show up every day. E.g., if you're writing a book and post daily word-count updates, you're more likely to be held accountable to write—just so you can show your progress!
  2. It doesn't feel like 'self-promotion.' Sharing the behind-the-scenes and not just the end product implies that you want people to get to know you, and not just your work. This also helps build new connections.
  3. You can track progress over time. As you keep making progress and get closer to completion, you can look back at your early days and see how far you've come! This is quite rewarding.
  4. You get feedback. As you start posting regularly, your audience will build and start giving you feedback on your work. This might be very insightful as it's coming directly from your consumers!

Remember, it doesn't have to be anything massive. Simply share a snippet/learning from what you did today. If you're initially scared to share your own work, start by sharing other people's work that inspires you!

So, what are you waiting for? Get documenting :)

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