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How To Practice Negative Visualization


Negative Visualization is a technique created by the stoics to help them stay grounded. They didn't want to get too attached to wordy desires, and this technique helps them remember the temporariness of the world.

Bringing this stoic principle into your life will change your mindset in many ways. It will majorly help you cope with difficult situations. Here are 5 steps to practice Negative Visualization:

Step 1: Note down essential things in your life from each aspect. (Family, work, relationships, money, possessions, etc.

Step 2: Take only one aspect for each session. For example, You chose possessions. Let's assume you bought a brand new car. Your friend took it for a drive and damaged it.

Step 3: Notice how that makes you feel. Spend a few minutes observing your emotions. How would not having this element in your life make you feel?

Step 4: Start thinking of ways you could repair the damages. Try and figure how you would deal with the emotions that come up.

Step 5: Remind yourself that you still have these things and show gratitude towards them.


  • Do it only for about 5 minutes, nothing more.
  • Do not dwell on your emotions.
  • Practice it once or twice a month only

The main principle of this technique is to equip you to deal with challenging situations. Without desensitizing the impact of the situation, it helps you look at things logically and manage them better.

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