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Life Lessons from Our Co-beings


Nature teaches us numerous techniques which we can adopt to improve the quality of our life.

Here are few lessons we should learn:

  • The Focus of a Crane: Don't get distracted by Small fish if you want to achieve the Big fish. Sometimes we need to sacrifice our short-term happiness to focus on achieving our long-term purpose.
  • The Alertness of a Dog: Maintain a balanced focus on yourself and the world around you. While working for your ultimate goal, you should also be aware of others' journeys to avoid repeating their mistakes.
  • The Teamwork of Ants: Work together and never let the workload tilt towards one side; With collaborative efforts, you can achieve great heights. Distributing the work and then combining it can result in excellent output.
  • The Diligence of a Spider: Seek satisfaction with daily duty (tasks) while working on catching the bigger bug (life purpose).
  • The Patience of an Octopus: Be calm even in a life-threatening situation, your willpower can pull you through anything. Mother octopus sits still during her entire pregnancy period of 53 months for proper development of her offspring.

Every little being has a lesson to teach, we just need to be mindful enough to observe and learn.

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