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    Contrary to popular opinion, 'likability' is not about your looks or status. It's simply about forming genuine connections with people around you! In fact, by being compassionate and sincere, you can learn to be more likable.

    Here's how you can get started:

    1. Talk less, do more. Doesn't it get annoying when people constantly talk about what they're 'going to be doing' instead of actually doing anything? While wanting to share your ideas is fantastic, don't just dish out empty declarations—do what you say you're going to!
    2. Listen. You don't have to have an opinion on everything to be liked! If you don't know something, listen. Save your voice for conversations where you can add value.
    3. Be humble. Don't turn every conversation into about how amazing your life is. The key is to be relatable! Ask questions about the other person and consider how you can add value to them.
    4. Show up on time. Being punctual conveys that you value and respect the other persons' time. Therefore, it builds trust in relationships.
    5. Stop the small talk. No one wants to have the same old meaningless conversations about platitudes, such as the weather. People wish to have real conversations! So, ask genuine questions and show the person that you want to get to know them.

    Note: This isn't about being fake! The quality of our lives ultimately comes down to the quality of our relationships. So, it's worth investing time into leveling up your people skills and becoming more likable!

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