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Replace 'Sorry' with 'Thank You'

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    We say sorry after making a mistake or hurting others. The intention behind this is to acknowledge the other person's emotions and apologize for hurting them. Saying sorry to make things right is essential, however—if it becomes too much, we might end up creating our image as a person who constantly hurts others.

    So, you need to know how to apologize without saying sorry.

    Here are a few ways on how to do it:

    1. Using humor
    2. Different ways of saying sorry
    3. Genuine reasons, but informing in advance. For example, emergencies.

    You can learn 1 & 3 on your own. Let's talk about 2!

    Here are six ways to say sorry without using the word 'sorry':

    1. Rather than saying, "Sorry, I made a mistake, won't do it again." Say, "Thank you for teaching me something new; I learn from my mistakes."
    2. Rather than saying, "Sorry, I'm late." Say, "Thank you for your patience."
    3. Rather than saying, "Sorry, I'm not making a lot of sense." Say, "Thank you for understanding."
    4. Rather than saying, "Sorry, I'm kind of a drag," Say, "Thank you for spending time with me."
    5. Rather than saying "Sorry, I'm just rambling," Say "Thank you for listening"
    6. Rather than saying, "Sorry, I'm such a disappointment," Say, "Thank you for having hope in me."

    These methods contain not only an apology but also gratitude. So, you have more chances of getting forgiven and retaining your image.

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