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Sugar: A sweet venom


What's the difference between an apple and apple juice? Is the nutritional value same in both of them?

When we eat an apple, our body works to process it, and we chew, then it goes down the stomach and further gets diluted in there. So the longer the process, the longer it takes for sugar to get into our bodies.

But when we drink apple juice (best case—with no added sugar), the sugar gets into our body very quickly, and this immediacy stresses our body out. Leave alone the fiber loss while churning the juice.

Sugar has a quality to make us crave, and food companies are very well aware of this and use it against us by adding it to everything, even in savory snacks.

It might be in different names or forms, but sugar of any form in excess is harmful to us.

Research says on average, an adult requires only 30 grams of sugar daily, but we end up consuming 65-80 grams daily. Which has numerous harmful effects like it accelerates aging, increases thirst, hunger, and urination, spikes blood pressure, inflammation, and weight gain.

What can we do? What alternatives do we have?

First, to eat less sugar or to eat fake/diet sugar.

Diet desserts are nothing but sugar and fat replaced by chemicals. Not to mention we humans are not made to process chemicals.

We have another alternative, to replace sugar with RAW honey or jaggery; apart from adding nutrients to the meal, they also are a perfect replacement for sugar.

Don't believe our word; try it for 30 days.

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