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Mastering new skills aren't optional, but they are the need of the hour. With ever-changing industries and technologies, learning new skills is important. As rightly said by Heidi Halvorson, "It's not enough to be smart—you always need to get smarter."

The Feynman technique is a simple and effective tool to master any skill. It is given by "the Great Explainer"—Prof. Richard Feynman. You can start doing it right away!

The tool works as follows:

  • Pick a topic you're curious about and start studying it.
  • Pretend to teach the subject to an imaginary classroom. You can also record your learnings on a video as if teaching that class or write them down as if writing a book.
  • Try and solve the imaginary questions from students that you might get while teaching.
  • Go back to the books when you get stuck.
  • Find answers—simplify and use analogies to explain.

This makes the experience holistic as you get to understand the topic from various perspectives. It helps you reduce the assumptions your mind might have constructed for the said topic. This technique also enables you to perfect each segment of the topic and thus, finally master it.

To learn a skill, it's best to teach it—and teach it such that a kid can understand. As Albert Einstein said, "If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it yourself!"

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