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These things say a lot about you!

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    Ever wondered what impression you make on people?

    Here's the thing—people judge us based on our self-image! So a lot about you is conveyed before you ever say any words.

    Here are 4 things that say a lot about you before you say anything. Focus on these to build an excellent impression with people!

    1. Showing up on time. If you consistently keep being late for meetings, it implies that you don't respect the other person's time. They may feel put off, disrespected, and feel that you're not someone who can be relied on!
    2. Your grooming. While this point may seem superficial, dressing well accounts for a considerable part of the way you're perceived. Dressing well shows that you have good self-respect, which is likely to draw people towards you. Moreover, when you feel good about how you're looking, aren't you simply more confident? The point being—dress smart!
    3. Your body language. When you talk to someone, be engaged in the conversation! Here are some body language cues to guide you:
    4. Firm handshake = you're confident.
    5. A smile = you're genuinely happy to see them.
    6. Not making eye contact = you're shy.
    7. Tiny nervous movements = you're insecure.
    8. Head tilting = you're a good listener.

    According to research, 93% of communication is, in fact, non-verbal. Therefore, it might be worth investing in these skills and leveling up your communication game :)

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