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Weight loss v/s Fat loss


Weight loss and fat loss aren't the same. The latter should lead to the former. Not the other way around! Weight loss is a simple technique that can be manipulated by tweaking your daily water consumption(not recommended!). Hitting the gym with all the dedication but lack of focus on nutrition can result in tremendous weight loss. But, this type of weight loss comes with some serious side effects, such as dehydration, rapid muscle loss leading to loss of strength, etc. In contrast, fat loss is retaining muscle strength while losing the fat, which leads to weight loss.

Here are a few things to keep track of during your journey:

  1. Stay Hydrated: This golden rule of fat loss is proven by various studies. Drinking an ample amount of water leads to resting energy expenditure which burns more calories.
  2. Control Your Calorie Intake: It's a well-known fact that caloric surplus results in the formation of fat. If you limit your calories, fat loss could be enhanced.
  3. Train Yourself: Train yourself to restrain your temptations because they grow stronger as you try to tame them.
  4. Consume enough protein: Retaining strength and muscle is also a part of fat loss. They help you push the limits, look healthy, and maintain your shape.
  5. Stay Consistent and Believe in Yourself: A phase called 'Self-Doubt' awaits anyone who tries to achieve something. Fat loss is all about effort and patience.

Apart from these aspects, there are things which you will learn about your body and yourself over time.

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