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Why you shouldn't 'Ego-lift'?


When you lift, it's for yourself. But, when you ego-lift, it's for others. Ego-lifting is lifting weights beyond bodily limits to impress/overpower others. There is only one intended outcome to ego-lifting, a boost to the ego.

Let's have a look at why you shouldn't 'ego-lift.'

Each exercise has a purpose and method of doing. When it includes weights, a specific amount of it contributes towards the intention behind lifting. Adverse effects await anyone who ego-lifts.

  1. Muscle, ligament, and tendon injuries: They might cause a bruise in the injured area. If not treated properly, the effect of muscle injury (pain) may continue to exist or even damage the same muscle again.
  2. Bad posture: Posture is an integral part of workout and exercise. An inexperienced person is always given light weights to understand posture—however, ego-lifting compromises posture, leading to severe injuries.
  3. Waste of energy and effort: Weight training includes contraction and relaxation movements. Training with overweight will restrict the complete contraction hindering the development of muscles.
  4. Accidents: A lot of accidents occur in gyms due to lifting unbearable weights. Accidents could result in permanent injuries, forever restricting you from doing the workout.

Even if you are unharmed after lifting recklessly, the ego boost you get is only temporary. But, the injury may last forever. Thus, stay wise and consistent, and remember—lift weights for your fitness and not for the hype.

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