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Winners and losers have the same goals.

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    What sets apart winners from losers? Most people would say - their goals. Well, do you think losers want to lose?  Every candidate wants the job, every participant wants to win the competition.

    While goal setting is important, the results we get don't have much to do with our goals. They have more to do with the systems that we follow i.e. our daily habits.

    Your processes determine your results. If you have a goal but no system at hand on how you intend to achieve these results, your goal will always remain a distant concept.

    Here are some ways to approach your goals from a systems point of view:

    • Goal: lose weight. System: workout 3x a week.
    • Goal: learn more. System: read for 30 mins every day.
    • Goal: improve your academic performance. System: revise what you learned in class each day.

    Now, think about a goal you have. Write it down as a system that can be acted upon each day - what action will you actually take daily in order to move closer to achieving your goal?

    If you want to predict your future, simply take a look at your current systems and habits. Ensure that the things you do daily are serving your goals. Setting goals is admittedly important, but make sure you have systems that back up your goals. Otherwise, it's all talk, isn't it?

    "You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems." -  James Clear, Atomic Habits

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