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All of us want fulfillment. Happiness. However, life inevitably comes in the way. Stressful situations do occur. After all, you can't control everything that happens to you.

Here's the thing—while we can't control everything that happens in our lives, we can control the meaning we assign to these events! Our feelings don't arise from facts; they come from the meaning we give to them. So while this won't change what happened, it will change how you feel about it and the subsequent actions you take!

Consider that an employee just got yelled at by his boss. He could devalue himself and believe that he's no good at his job. Or, he could also take this as - his boss sees potential in him and cares enough to help him improve!

Wouldn't the meaning he assigns to this incident impact the way he leads his life?

The first story is disempowering and would result in him being demotivated at work. However, should he choose to believe the second story— he will show up to work with a zeal to improve!

Therefore, the decision about the meaning we choose controls our actions. A new meaning equals a new perspective.

As said by James Clear,

" Look for evidence of how the world is encouraging you, and you will find it.

Look for evidence of how the world is burdening you, and you will find it.

Choose an explanation that empowers you."

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