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7 tips to use feedback to your advantage


Whenever someone says, "Hey, I like your work but...", it feels a bit upsetting as your mind knows there's criticism coming after that. While it's hard to accept criticism for your work, constructive criticism is where real growth lies! So, the next time you get feedback from your peers, your boss, or anyone— keep these things in mind:

  1. Don't react immediately. You're likely to become defensive of your work. Instead, take a minute to remember to stay calm.
  2. Recognize the goodwill. Remind yourself that this person is trying to help you. They want you to become better!
  3. Listen. We often tend to zone out and get so upset with the person giving feedback that we fail to understand their intentions.
  4. Clarify. When someone gives you feedback, ask them to condense it into an actionable point. This will make the feedback specific and help you act on it better.
  5. Thank them. It may be challenging, but sincerely thank the other person for taking out time and effort to help you improve.
  6. Implement it. It's crucial that you not only accept the feedback but also implement it!
  7. Follow up. Make sure to implement their feedback and check in with them again. This shows a lot about your attitude towards work and your desire to improve.

Learning to accept feedback is crucial and will take you a long way. Keep these 7 points in mind, and use feedback to your advantage!

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