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    Giving feedback is one of the most vital tasks in life. But we still don't know the brain-friendly way to do so.

    Either we are too direct about our thoughts, or we sugarcoat it to avoid sounding rude.

    Here is a 4 step simple-way to give better feedback:

    1. Start with a signal question: Make it short but significant. It signals the brain to get ready and also gives the receiver choice and autonomy. For example, "I have certain ideas to improve this report; can I share them?"
    2. Aim for Specificity: Be objective and cut off words that don't add to the conversation. The key is to be specific and avoid the blame game. For example, Instead of saying, "You are unreliable and don't perform on time," say, "You were to email this report to me by 1 pm, but I still don't have it."
    3. Add an Impact Statement: This can be positive or negative based on the situation. Talking about the impact adds logic to the statement, and our brain craves it. For example, "Because you used this particular method of analysis, it made my work efficient."
    4. Wrap with a question: Ending with a question makes it a conversation rather than a monologue. It becomes a joint problem-solving situation. For example, "This is what I think we should do; what do you think about it?"

    This process will help you give feedback better. But keep in mind that we shouldn't wait for feedback to be shared but rather make it a habit to ask for it.

    As rightly said, "Feedback is the breakfast of champions" - Ken Blanchard.

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