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Afraid of being rejected?


Perhaps you didn’t ask someone out for a date or were afraid to ask for a pay raise you deserved in fear of receiving a ‘no’. A huge barrier to success in adult life is the fear of rejection. It causes us to settle for less and leaves us stuck in our comfort zone.

Here are some ways in which this fear may be holding you back:

You miss opportunities - While the human brain is wired to stay away from danger, without putting yourself out there, you’re unlikely to receive many opportunities.

You become a people pleaser- To avoid being rejected, you try to make others like you. This includes agreeing to things you don’t necessarily want to do and trying to make everyone happy.

You 'put on’ a mask- You may hide the real you to fit in. However, this may cause you to come off as insincere and not form genuine relationships.

You don’t stand up for yourself. This includes not speaking up for what you want, and not expressing your opinions.

You become passive-aggressive – Instead of telling someone, ‘come meet me’, you may complain ‘I’m feeling lonely.’ This avoids direct rejection in case they say no.

If you resonated with any of the above points, you may want to change your perspective on rejection!

Getting turned down isn’t the end of the world! In fact, rejection might just be a redirection to a much better place for  :)

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