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Overcome the fear of failure

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    Tired of letting the fear of failure get the better of you?

    Here's how you can get over it:

    1. Identify the source of your fear. Reflect on where you think your fear comes from, write it down, and try to understand it as a third person. This takes away some of its power.
    2. Think about the worst possible scenario. This may seem odd, but considering the worst thing that could happen if you failed helps! This reduces your anxiety and gives you an opportunity to mentally prepare for the worst possible outcome.
    3. Focus on what you can control. Overthinking about factors you have no control over isn’t the wisest decision. Place your energy in areas within your control.
    4. Create a backup plan. If you’re aware that pursuing a goal can trigger your fear of failure, create a backup plan if your original plan doesn’t work out. This gives you the confidence and security to move ahead and execute.
    5. Redefine what failure means to you. Failure can be seen as an opportunity to improve. If your aim is to simply keep learning and get better each time, you’re much less likely to ‘fail’!
    6. Practice positive self-talk. Your internal monologue affects how you react. Replace negative self-talk with positive things you know to be true about yourself.

    Remember, fear is only temporary, but the regret (of not doing it) will stay forever!

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