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Are you comfortable or are you growing?


Your comfort zone is obviously...well, comfortable! It feels safe. However, staying here for too long may lead to missing out on opportunities & growth!

Here are a few tips to help you step out of your comfort zone:

  1. Recognize your fears: Understand what really makes you uncomfortable/insecure. It is crucial to recognize the problem you're trying to overcome. E.g., talking to new people.
  2. Put yourself out there: Once you understand the fear, consciously work on putting yourself in those situations. E.g., Introduce yourself to new people. Eventually, the discomfort will reduce.
  3. Take small steps: You don't have to start by giving a public speech! Begin by talking in small groups. You're less likely to feel overwhelmed this way.
  4. Be okay with failing: If you tried talking to someone new and couldn't, don't label it as a "failure". Reflect on what you learnt from this experience and what you can do differently next time around.
  5. Make it fun: Learn to laugh at yourself if (and when) you mess up! Don't take yourself too seriously. Failure teaches us a lot more than success ever will.
  6. Consider the benefits. Imagine the opportunities you'll have access to once you're no longer limited by this fear. This will give you a compelling reason to keep going.
  7. Start trying new things. It may be as simple as going to a new café! This slowly makes you comfortable with the idea of change.

Take the first step (even if it's a tiny one) today!

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