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How to be self-aware

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    Self-awareness is being aware of all things that describe who you are. If you're aware of who you are, you can work upon who you want to be. It enables you to become a better version of yourself!

    Following are some ways to boost your self-awareness:

    1. Periodic Introspection: Set aside a time for yourself every day that allows you to introspect. Reflect upon yourself as a person and what you did that day. You can use a journal to write your thoughts down. Going on walks can also help in introspection.
    2. Look at yourself candidly: This includes looking at your strengths, weaknesses, emotions, and behaviors objectively and working on them.
    3. Practice mindfulness: This helps increase your presence of mind which leads to greater self-awareness. You can also try mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga to help you reflect.
    4. Explore: Find what you like and dislike by engaging in diverse activities. This will give you a better sense of your interests and help you create a personality.
    5. Feel your feelings: Do not repress your feelings. Acknowledge, understand and feel them.
    6. Find the roots: It's crucial to know what makes you sad, angry, excited, or joyous. Being aware of this will help you learn how to manage your emotions & behaviors.

    Self-awareness is an unending journey. We're constantly evolving. Start the journey by including these in your life!

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