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How to develop Emotional Intelligence

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    The ability to identify, understand and regulate one's emotions and that of others is called Emotional Intelligence. When you can manage your emotions, you come in control of your life.

    Here are some ways you can become emotionally intelligent:

    1. Gain self-awareness: Step 1 on the path of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. Consciously work on understanding your emotions and behaviors. This will help you manage them better.
    2. Pay attention to your emotions: Whether sadness and anger or joy and love, allow yourself to experience all your feelings. Work towards understanding why a feeling arises to be more emotionally intelligent.
    3. Express your emotions: You can do it by talking to someone, writing, drawing, or engaging in any kind of activity that provides a channel for your feelings. Understanding how to express emotions well is a sign of emotional intelligence.
    4. Empathy: Learn how to put yourself in someone else's shoes to understand their perspective. It helps you be in tune with your emotions and those of others.
    5. Active listening: Learn how to listen to understand and not solely to respond. This will help you empathize better and form strong interpersonal relationships.
    6. Practice Mindfulness: It assists you in living the moment and experience your feelings deeply. Being present plays a significant role in developing emotional intelligence.

    Anyone can develop emotional intelligence. Start working on it today, and you'll see conversations & relationships around you evolve!

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