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    Sure, we all love our bedtime, staying in and idling about every once in a while. It gives immense joy and is also a much-needed break to recharge!

    However, think about this— after lazing around for a week, or perhaps even a month, don't you eventually get bored? Like what's...next?

    So then, if doing absolutely nothing and being free of all responsibility is not what makes people happy, what does? Achieving goals that you think are worthy.

    Let's make it simple — when you know the aims you want to achieve in your life and then spend your days working towards achieving them —you will find happiness. These aims could be spiritual, material, emotional, anything! As said by Earl Nightingale, "Success is really nothing more than the progressive realization of a worthy ideal."

    Note —this 'worthy' ideal is deemed to be of worth by you! Success for you may not equate to success for someone else.

    So, the first step to setting this 'worthy ideal' is to look inwards—to discover what you want to achieve/do.

    Now, simply contemplating or worrying that you don't know 'your thing' or what you want to do will not take you anywhere! The way you do this is by trying out different things. Explore all your talents and interests.

    Step out into the playing field.

    In the words of Robin Sharma, "Concentrate every ounce of your mental energy on self-discovery. Learn what you excel at and what makes you happy."

    Remember, fulfillment is a long-term game. So take your time to understand yourself!

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