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Making a public pledge


Have you ever made a resolution like - "That's it, no more junk food from today. I'm done." Except, the very next week, you find yourself munching away on a piece of cake?

Most people don't follow their resolutions because it's easy to go back to old ways. There are no immediate consequences of not following through!

This is where putting a bit of pressure on yourself can be a game-changer. It involves telling everyone about the goal you're committing to. Robin Sharma calls this making a 'public pledge in his book The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari.' So, for instance, if you're planning to write a novel, make it known.

Why does this improve your chances of success?

  1. You'll think it through. No one likes to be seen as a failure. Therefore, before telling the world, you'll think twice before committing yourself to the goal.
  2. You create accountability. If you've kept your goal to yourself, it's easy to go back to your old ways if things get tricky. However, now that others know, they're likely to ask, "Hey, so how's your book going?". And you'll want to be able to reply, "it's going ___."
  3. You get a shot of confidence. The moment you take this courageous step, you've stepped out of your comfort zone. This alone will make you feel more confident as you've done something most people are too scared to do!

We understand that certain goals are personal. Start with what you're comfortable. Be it to just a small group of friends or even on social media—go ahead and declare your goals.

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