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Failing to manage anger can cause a lot of problems in life—getting frustrated easily, taking out your anger on friends, etc. Extreme anger can also result in health issues like high blood pressure, heart rate, increased risk of a heart attack, etc. Managing anger is of utmost importance to live a healthy life.

Here are some ways to help you manage your anger better:

  1. Identify your triggers: Identifying what makes you angry can help you prepare a set of tools and techniques to deal with your anger efficiently.
  2. Step away: In situations that make you angry, evaluate if your anger is justified. If not, then step away to calm yourself.
  3. Talk to a friend: This will help you express your feelings of anger effectively and therefore channel your anger better.
  4. Create an 'anger management' kit: Create a kit of all the things that help you calm down. Eg, a stress ball, picture of pleasant scenery, a scented candle, etc.
  5. Writing: Write in your journal about what is making you angry at the moment and channel your feelings of anger efficiently.
  6. Channeling anger healthily: Express your feelings of anger in a healthy way. eg: Take up boxing to let out your anger.
  7. Count backward from 10 while breathing in and out slowly: This allows you to calm down and take time to revaluate your response.

You might also consider therapy. ****Professional help might be a massive help if all else fails when trying to manage your anger. This will help you gain self-awareness and understand the root of your anger.

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