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Night Owls vs Morning Larks

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    As you may have guessed, Night Owls are those people who dig their energy wells in the evening, while Morning Larks are the subscribers to the 'early-bird-catches-the-worm' regimen.

    While you must have categorized yourself into one of these clubs, it's highly likely that you are a temporary member of both. So which club should you permanently subscribe to?

    While some research suggests that night owls tend to be more productive and have more stamina throughout the day, the truth is that our bodies want us to follow the natural rhythms of the earth's rotation.

    Research says that night owls move 60-90 mins less than early risers (not in terms of exercise) and are at a higher risk of depression because of the reduction of white matter in their brains. Moreover,  screen-time at night can give wrong signals to our brain, thereby disrupting our normal body cycle.

    Sticking to our natural body cycle and being a morning lark has many benefits:

    • No emails, random calls, or family group messages disturb your thoughts in the morning.
    • More creative ideas are likely to arise.
    • You can cross things off in your to-do list while others are still sleeping. (who wouldn't love that)
    • The morning is a time of no rush. Your mind is at peace and free from distractions.
    • Early mornings give you time to shake off your drowsiness, so you can handle pressure better during the rest of the day.

    It might be tough at first, but once you get used to it, you will start loving being a morning lark!  

    So,  See you tomorrow morning?

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