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Working from home can massively reduce productivity and make you question how you ever got any work done in the first place. So here are 7 tips to stay productive while working from home:

  1. Create a 'weekly goals' list. Keep a list of things that MUST get done by the end of the week. Break this down into a daily 'must-do' list. This helps prioritize and be effective with your work.
  2. Create time blocks. Schedule blocks of time during the day when you're focusing on a specific task. eg: 9am-10am, create content templates. Don't allow distractions to interfere in these blocks.
  3. Take breaks. Rest is as important as work to prevent burnout. So, factor in break time to refuel. This will boost your productivity.
  4. Schedule 'family time'. Since you're around family all the time at home, share your schedule with them, so they know when not to interrupt you. But ensure that you do carve out that family time too!
  5. Have a set 'home office'. Even if it's just a table in your room, do your work there and remember to leave it there too. Don't work out of your bed!
  6. Schedule your time. Be very mindful about the time you spend on unnecessary emails and pointless scrolling. Prioritize your MUST DO tasks first.
  7. Lesser meetings. As far as possible, only schedule meetings that are critical. Focus instead on the actual output for the week.

These tips will definitely help you turn your 'couch potato' schedule to more of an office-like and will also add more discipline to your life.

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