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6 habits of highly productive people


Do you often look at certain people and think, "How do they get so much done?" It turns out, that what seems to be nearly impossible on the outside is a result of a few simple habits that these high-performers have integrated into their lives.

  1. Keep the alarm clock on the other side of the bed. This solves the problem of sleeping in! You need to physically get up to switch off the loud alarm clock. And once you're up, you're much less likely to go back to bed.
  2. Create content. Be it a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, etc., create one piece of content daily. Creating content gives clarity and helps you explore what you enjoy in life!
  3. Feel empathy for your nay-sayers. Whether this is a troll on social media or someone who's generally mean to you, practice kindness towards them. Their hate is a mere reflection of what's going on in their life and not of your work. Why should their bad day ruin yours?
  4. Switch off your notifications. Small one-minute distractions not only distract you but also take away from the quality of your work. When you're working, give undivided attention to your task.
  5. Workout daily. The endorphins released when you exercise make you feel good. If you feel good, you'll do good!
  6. Read one book per week. Books not only improve your vocabulary and language but literally give you access to all the knowledge under the sun!

So, embrace these changes to live a fuller life. And we're positive that you'll get more done than you ever thought you could :)

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