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Who knew skipping breaks leads to this!

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    While people always say taking breaks is essential, have you ever wondered why?

    The science behind the importance of taking breaks is explained by the Ultradian Rhythm.

    Here's what happens if you miss subsequent ultradian breaks. By mid-day, your mood turns low and blah. Moreover, all the physiological overtime effort might even lead to:

    • Increased blood pressure
    • Higher Cholesterol
    • Lowered immunity
    • Declined mental ability
    • Rise in inflammation
    • Increased sugar cravings, etc.

    Skipping breaks also narrow down our peripheral vision and increase our error rate.

    The famous opinion is that skipping breaks and working continuously leads to more productive days. However, scientifically speaking, it diminishes returns and escalates the risk of multiple health issues.

    According to our Ultradian Rhythm, after 90 mins of focus, our brain and body needs a few mins of rest. Plus, the more breaks we skip, the worse the damage!

    Taking fewer breaks also affects your sex life. After a no-break grinding day, a lot of couples end up enjoying sex less than usual.

    Not taking a break for a long time can also lead to back and neck problems, digestive distress, hormonal and mood imbalances, and more.

    Now you know that, so it's time to slow down, take a break, oil your engine, and get back to work again.

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