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Getting Back To Running After A Break


Sometimes, you need a break from running. Or life gets in the way and disrupts your schedule. When you’ve developed a habit of running, it’s hard to stay away from it. But it’s hard to get back after a break as well.

Here are some things to remember when you get back:

  • Don’t compare yourself to your past version: Let’s say you hit your 5k mark the last time. And now, even 500 meters seems like a task. It is common to feel this way as the body is still getting used to the runs. Start small and give your body some time to recover.
  • You aren’t starting from scratch: You’ve already done this before. Your body recognizes it. There is a residue of stamina left from the last time. It’s not gone in vain. You’ll be in awe by how much your body remembers and how fast it can recover.
  • Don’t become your competition: Sometimes, seeing how much you used to run can feel demotivating. You might feel a constant urge to get back to that pace. But that was another version of you, and this is another. Be patient and know that you will get back and even go beyond.

Breaks can be helpful sometimes. Planned or unplanned, they help us learn a lot. So if you’re still on a break, let this one motivate you to come back and give your best.

"You don't have to run every day to be a runner. You're a runner even when you're not running." - Coach Bennet, Nike Running Club.

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