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What Running Does To Your Body & Brain


You've been running for a while. You feel more energetic and lighter. You feel like you can handle stress better. You feel healthier and confident. It's no coincidence that running has had an impact on your mind and body. So here's something to be aware of before continuing your journey with running.

Impact On Your Body:

  • It is known for improving cardiovascular strength.
  • Running helps you grow more capillaries and increases the oxygen flow to the rest of the body.
  • It also has a significant impact on your stamina
  • It helps you build endurance.

Pro tip: Combining running with resistance training would deliver good results. It helps strengthen the muscles and decrease the risk of injury.

Impact On Your Brain:

  • Running helps you build brainpower. It has also proven to improve memory and learning. In addition, it elevates your mood and helps you stay focused.
  • According to a study, we use more brain cells while running than any other activity. But, to let your body receive these benefits, you have to stay consistent with running.
  • A few minutes into the run, your brain produces certain endorphins, which give you a rush. It is also known as the runner's high.

You'll discover many more benefits in your journey. Once you begin, remember that it's okay to have a bad run. Every run has a purpose, and starting is more important than finishing.

"Run from the starting line. Run to other starting lines. Run knowing there are no finish lines!"

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