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Why do we need 'Breaks'?


We often feel tired and distracted at some time during the day. You might hear a little inner voice that says, "It's only mid-day, and I'm already losing it." Contrary to what you may think, this is a sign that your body is functioning perfectly!

This happens due to the ultradian rhythms, which are as normal as the blinking of our eyes. Our ultradian rhythms play a role in all aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

These are biological patterns hardwired into our DNA that help our body function in time. Their purpose is to manage the cycles of energy production, output, and recovery.

These are similar to circadian rhythm (sleep and waking cycle) but are much shorter and occur many times daily! They occur throughout but have a more tangible impact during the daytime.


When we start our day, we enter the high-performance zone for 90 mins. Within 90 mins, we reach the peak of productivity and begin experiencing stress as our productivity drops. Remember those cravings for sugar or caffeine? Those come in here!

This is our body's message to take a break. Our body needs this break to regenerate cellular fuel and detoxify the system. And our brain needs it to process the large amount of data you have taken in and form connections.

Research shows that if we ignore these signals for a break, our energy and focus will eventually return to a higher level of functioning. But it would be a significantly lower level of focus and productivity than before!

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