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Feel like giving up?


Once in a while comes a day when you feel like giving up. But, it's not like you don't want to achieve your goal anymore but just...not today.

Well, here's one thing that may just get you moving—you will never regret doing the work once it's done. You'll feel much better about yourself after having done the work!

Consider this:

All of us want flat abs and toned arms. But, unfortunately, few of us are willing to work out every day to achieve that outcome.

All of us want our careers to be respected. But, unfortunately, few of us are keen to put in the time to make it so.

All of us want the shiny coveted end result. But, unfortunately, few of us want the process that comes with it!

However, have you ever felt bad after finishing a task despite this apparent resistance towards hard work? Have you ever regretted doing a workout? Regardless of the initial laziness you probably had to overcome, in the end, it feels good, right?

Sometimes, it's about simply showing up.

Just get up and show up—even if it may not be your best self.

Remember, "The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen."

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