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The dating "conversation"


It might be slightly awkward to bring up the fact that you have a partner with your parents. Perfectly understandable. Here are some tips about how you can approach this rather sensitive conversation:

  1. Ask questions. Instead of directly telling them, ask some questions first. eg: "What do you think is the right age to start dating someone?" or "How was your first date?" This lets you know in advance where they stand on the matter.
  2. Bring it up at the right time. Make sure to catch them when they're in a good mood! If possible, schedule it in advance—ask them for a good time to talk.
  3. Be willing to compromise.  Search for middle ground. eg: They may say no to late nights initially. Approach the conversation with a sense of realistic expectations.
  4. Stick to what you promised. If they said no late nights, then sincerely stick to that. With time, you can bring it up again and they're likely to agree to more things in the future!
  5. Understand their perspective. If they object, it's likely out of concern for you and for your safety. Be mature and gradually work your way through this topic. You don't need to clarify everything in the first conversation!

Remember, they were once teenagers too and ultimately want you to be happy. It just may take some time for them to realize that you've grown up :)

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