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Why positive thinking works


You must’ve definitely had someone tell you to ‘stay positive’ or ‘think happy thoughts.' Turns out, this is not just some ‘positivity BS’!

According to Brian Tracy,***" Whatever you expect, with confidence, becomes your own self-fulfilling prophecy."***

Let's understand why this works.

"If you expect it to happen you’ll act consistently with it happening.” - Brian Tracy.

  1. Think about any area of your life. eg: academics.
  2. Now, think about your expectations towards academics. eg: If you believe you're a good student and expect good grades, you will study to get those grades, and ultimately get them!

On the other hand, if you feel relationships are one area of life you're bad at, you might simply just not put yourself out there because 'what's the point?'

Bottom line - we act consistently with our expectations.

The learning here is to expect good things. We know the world can be a lonely place sometimes and it's hard to stay in sunshine and rainbows constantly. But, expect good things. Expect the world to be a good place, expect people to be nice people. This will change the way you show up, and thus affect the results you get!

If you're wondering how to 'expect good things', you're on the right track! Here's the thing—your expectations come from your beliefs. Beliefs about yourself, about the world, etc. To know more about changing your beliefs- read on.

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