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Are you really happy with your life?


Today we have a straightforward request of you—stop underestimating yourself. You're meant for so much more.

Most of us eat junk food daily, aimlessly watch tv shows for hours, use alcohol to escape reality, and judge other people on social media. All while we are feeling miserable about our own lives. On some level, we accept this to be our reality and dismiss the idea of changing.

Living in mediocrity might seem like the 'easy way out', but it is in fact, much harder than a life where you go all out and follow your dreams!

Here's the thing though—living in mediocrity is a decision. It's a decision you make every day.

The good thing about a decision is that it can be changed! The key to escaping mediocrity and an uninspired life lies in one simple shift—living with intention.

Think about the small things you do daily. And stop thinking of them as 'small things'. Get intentional about them!

Like posting daily insights on your Instagram story? Start a blog!

Like making content? You could be building the next Netflix!

Have a creative solution you came up with? Consider scaling it!

What separates mediocrity from 'bigger things' is simply the intention behind your actions. Stop settling and thinking you're 'meant for small things'. Don't underestimate your skillset. Take ownership of what you do and show it to the world.

You can do as much with your life as you decide to. The only thing that holds you back is your decision about how big you want to think.

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