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Don't let others hold you back.

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    Scared of launching a podcast or releasing that song you wrote? It's time you stop letting the fear of judgment hold you back!

    Of course, this is easier said than done. Humans are social animals. We deeply crave a sense of belonging. This need to be 'liked' prevents us from expressing our true selves. We go to great lengths so people don't judge us. While you may not entirely shake the fear of being judged, you shouldn't allow it to hold you back either!

    Here are five ways you can take to make the fear of judgment less judgey:

    1. Become self-aware: If you're confidently aware of your strengths and weaknesses, the things others have to say about you become less relevant. Own who you are!
    2. Work on yourself: If what others say impacts you greatly, it might be time to check in on your self-esteem. Accept yourself and identify areas you'd like to improve. Work on them!
    3. Stop judging yourself: We often jump to the worst possible conclusion and think people judge us. You'll be surprised how much of the "judgment" is our own! Learn to recognize the negative thoughts and beliefs that pull you back.
    4. Get the right friends: Spend time with people who understand you, support you & make you feel loved for who you are.

    Bottom-line is that you can't make everyone happy. So be your authentic self and focus on making yourself happier. It's hard for people to judge you if you're enjoying your own life!

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