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Great leaders are great followers


Everyone is in a race to be a Leader. But to be a great leader, we should learn to be a great follower first.

Being a follower and being grateful about it helps them earn the trust of both people above and below them. They are most particular about the 'WHY' of what they follow and the destination to reach it.

Being a follower is not about following instructions with blind faith. But, to critically choose who you follow and take it as a learning process as a leader-in-training.

The best followers are the thread that keeps the team glued together. The leaders count on them the most. And guess what? Being a team player is also a characteristic of a great leader.

Here are 4 qualities that can help you become a great follower and eventually a great leader:

  1. Judgment— Always judge and understand the directions received before following them blindly.
  2. Good work ethic—Try to make efforts and be self-motivated & diligent.
  3. Courageous—Have the courage to confront your leaders honestly about your concerns.
  4. Competent—Be proficient in your work and have an ever-learning attitude.

Reflect on the skills that you possess and that you might have to cultivate to become a great follower.

"If a man aspires to the highest place, it is no dishonor to him to halt at the second." ~Cicero

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