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What do the top 1% do differently?


Have you ever wondered what the top 1% do differently? Be it at work, in college, or just life in general—what is it that sets apart the achievers from the mediocre crowd?

Here are 4 traits common to top-achievers:

  1. Proactivity. This means taking the initiative to make things happen. Don't wait for work to be 'assigned' to you. Take responsibility for work and get it done. Amazon includes a "bias for action" among its 14 leadership principles!
  2. Being solution-oriented. While asking your boss for guidance is normal, try solving the problem yourself before taking it to them. Instead of saying, "Hey, this is the problem. What should I do? ", try "hey, this is the problem, and I think this solution would work."
  3. Adaptability. If a particular organizational change affects your operations (e.g., the budget for your plan being reduced), don't waste time complaining about it. Focus on what's in your control. Work out a new strategy given the changed circumstances, and adapt!
  4. Communicate effectively. Being good at your job is one thing. However, this needs to be visible if you want to be recognized and rewarded! So, before meetings and presentations, have a list of talking points ready and OWN your work.

The top 1% have imbibed these traits to improve the quality of their life. You don't become the top 1% and then begin doing these. Instead, you start practicing these traits and become the top 1%.

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