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Overcome your limiting beliefs.

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    What is a goal that you have always wanted to achieve? Why haven’t you?

    It's probably a limiting belief that's preventing you from taking action! Here’s how you can overcome your limiting beliefs and finally live up to your potential:

    1. Write down your limiting beliefs. Think about the thoughts that keep popping up in your head that prevent you from taking action. Accept them, take away their power. Eg: “People judge me.”
    2. Find out the source of these beliefs. Most of them come from traumatic childhoods, generalizations based on past events,etc. Eg: one boy from my class made fun of my clothes in 4th grade.
    3. Create a new empowering belief. You get to decide what new belief you want! Eg: People love my vibe and energy.
    4. Create evidence for this new belief. Actively look for or create new evidence where you’ve acted according to the new belief!
    5. Think of the consequences. Think about the times this old belief has robbed you of opportunities that were yours and imagine how many more opportunities you will miss out on if you continue to live like this!
    6. Affirm your new belief. Affirmations rewire how your brain thinks. When you say a statement over and over again, you will soon start believing it as true.

    If you find yourself slipping back to your old ways of thinking, don't worry—it's only natural. Go through the steps again until it becomes habitual for you.

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