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Improve the relationship with your dad


Having a healthy relationship with your dad can go a long way, affecting your self-esteem, career, romantic relationships, and so on. So, it might be worth a shot to repair your not-so-great relationship or even just improve the bond that you already share!

Here are 4 simple steps you can take:

  1. Understand that there may be disagreements: It's important to realize that your dad, too can have his own opinions, even if you think they're wrong. You don't have to agree about everything!
  2. Ask questions about his life: Believe it or not, your dad was once a teenager like you (and probably has many exciting stories he'd love to share!) Talk to him about his school days, what he'd do when he was your age, his career, friends, everything! You'll not only get to know him better but also learn something out of it :)
  3. Try to help him out: Ask him if he needs help with some chores or even some basic office work like filing, etc. While he may not show it or accept your offer, it would probably mean much to him.
  4. Create a father-daughter/father-son tradition: Start working out together, pick up a new skill you all can learn together. In this way, you're not pressured to talk all the time and will naturally form a comfortable equation.

Of course, we don't know exactly how complex/serious your relationship with your dad is, but these steps could be the start of a healthy life-long connection :)

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