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Family movie night done right

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    While the idea of  a ‘family movie night’ can seem like a forced event, a few tweaks might just make this activity something that the entire family looks forward to!

    1. Make it a tradition. This could be once a week or even once a month, but allocate a fixed time and date to your movie nights. eg: Every first Friday of the month. Pick a time that works best for everyone, and do it consistently.
    2. Take turns choosing a movie. You may want to watch Devil Wears Prada, while your brother may prefer Spider-Man Homecoming. If everyone gets a chance, you're more likely to be okay with other people's choices (as you'll get your turn too)!
    3. Let everyone contribute. You could be in charge of the popcorn, your dad could be in charge of making the room comfy. Let everyone feel they’re playing a part.
    4. Make the food special. You could all pitch in to make a family favorite meal, or simply order a safe classic like pizza! Ensure you have yummy food to go along with your movie.
    5. Unplug and be present. Make it a point to keep phones and laptops away. This goes for parents as well as kids. Lead by example and make this quality family time.

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