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Family Traditions To Kickstart


Family traditions enhance involvement and strengthen the bond. They are little things that the entire family looks forward to. They are a medium to build trust and ultimately grow with your family.

Here are 5 traditions you should mirror:

  • Happiness jar: Everyone shares the happiest moment of their day at dinner and puts them in a jar. Read all the special moments at the end of every month. (Bonus: designate a color to each member)
  • Walk together: Go on a walk with the entire family at least thrice a week, it's a great way to be together and away from screens.
  • Sugar cubes: Sugar cubes are small notes written to make someone happy. It's a great way to show love to your family. It can include encouragement, things you love about them, etc.
  • Gardening: Everyone plants a sapling on the 1st of every month, this will not only instill a habit of gardening but also will create a fresh and pious environment around them.
  • Family tree: Creating a family tree with your kids, will not only give them a sense of belonging but will also increase love for their family.
  • Family photos: Building a family photo album, adding new and old memories to it will bring the family closer. And reignites love and care in relationships. (maybe click and paste a picture of everyone on each birthday)

These traditions will create positive experiences for everyone by nurturing a family connection and giving them a strong sense of belonging. Strong family bonds are created and reinforced with traditions.

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