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Earlier, the only way an artist could share their work was to showcase the end product. However, the internet has changed this. Now, you can take your audience through your entire process with you!

The fact remains—if you want to build an audience for yourself, you need to show up! This means consistently putting out value-adding content. However, you may find yourself running out of ideas or simply not having the time to create that 'perfect piece of content' every single day. Here's the thing, though—you don't have to!

As Gary Vee says, "Document. Don't create." Or, as Austin Cleon says, "Think process, not product."

Whether you're a motivational speaker or an artist — talking about your process is much more helpful than you'd think. After all, audiences do want to see the person behind the product!

What's the difference?

Creating: "You should"

Documenting: "From this experience, I think..."

In this manner, you're no longer trying to appear as 'influential' or front an image... you're yourself! This also makes your audience feel like a part of your community. It increases the chances of forming genuine connections and may open up new opportunities for you!

So, share screenshots of your work, capture mid-process pictures, shoot the behind-the-scenes vlogs, and show up as yourself!

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