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It may seem that to be successful in life; you first need to be confident. But then you could ask yourself.. to be confident, don't I need that success first? What am I basing my confidence on?

Here's the thing about confidence - it's not linked to external measures of success. There are established authors who doubt their writing, celebrities who question their popularity, etc.

Confidence is linked to your perception of yourself in a particular field. If you feel you're a people person and can efficiently work a conversation, you'll be confident in social situations! If you think you're great at your job, you'll have no problem pitching your idea.

Therefore, working on the external aspects of your life is not the solution to increase your confidence. Instead, it's about working on internal beliefs about yourself!

We aren't saying that you need to believe that you lack absolutely nothing? We're saying that you need to get comfortable with what you lack!

And, it would be best if you got comfortable with failing.

  • People who are confident in social situations are comfortable with being rejected.
  • People who are confident in creating content are comfortable with some of their videos not doing well.
  • People who are confident in their relationships know that they can get hurt.

Why does this work? Because once you get comfortable with failure, you'll express yourself and act without fear and judgment. Isn't that the very definition of confidence?

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